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It's all in the name. These boards will work in a variety of conditions and are a great transition for those moving down from bigger beginner boards. In other words, they give you the scope to start having a lot a fun in different types of waves. Their reduced size means they are more manoeuvrable than mini-mals and longboards. But they are still stable, paddle easy and will let you catch lots of waves. They are perfect for building up your skills to move on to shortboards. Or if you're more experienced, they're ideal for an easy day cruising on some less demanding waves.

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Torq Mod Fish surfboard 6ft 3 - Navy Blue/Pinline/White Deck

The Mod Fish would be the ideal first proper shortboard for a teen or larger kid looking to move on from the surf-school foamy.

Torq Mod Fun 7'2

all levels of surfers in virtually every condition This crossover range caters to all levels of surfers in virtually every condition. From waist-high mush to overhead and hollow. The versatility of the Mod Fun makes them an excellent choice if you need one board to handle all the conditions where you live and travel. Featuring a medium full nose and shallow mid-entry there is enough volume for smaller days and weaker surf. As the surf jumps up, step back and the board transforms. You’ll find a board that feels shorter than its length, delivering predictable handling and performance.