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Inflatable SUP

Get out on the water ASAP with a stand up paddle board - some take less than 10 minutes to pump up

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O'Shea 11'2 GT QSx Inflatable SUP 2022

The O’Shea GT QSx Inflatable paddle board is the the perfect entry into the world of adventure and touring Paddleboarding! Both stable and efficient for effortless glide.

O'Shea 7'10 Grom QSx Inflatable SUP Board 2022

The O'Shea 7'10 Grom QSx Inflatable SUP is the best kids size paddleboard on the market! It's super stable, for true groms with a weight of 50kg or less.

O'Shea I SUP 10' HDx Siren Paddle Board 2022

O'Shea HDx Siren Inflatable Paddle Boards Designed specifically for female rider's. The best all round women's board available today. 10'0" HD: Rider weight as ever dependent on balance and ability 55 - 85 kg accordingly

O'Shea I SUP 10'2" HDx Inflatable Paddle Board 2022

This Is Our GO TO and most popular inflatable SUP, the 10’2’’ is perfect for the aspiring sweeper; ease, versatility, and performance rolled into one. All our O'Shea SUPS come complete with a large Pro Backpack, three-piece alloy paddle, pump, fins, leash, and a repair kit!

O'Shea I SUP 10'6" HDx Inflatable Paddle Board 2022

A best-selling recreational iSUP, the O’Shea 10’6″ HDx Inflatable SUP provides an uber-stable paddling platform due to its extra width of 34”, making this especially suited to riders in the medium and heavyweight category.

O'Shea I SUP HDx Yoga Fit Paddle Board 2021 - 10'6"

These inflatable SUP's are designed specifically for your yoga and fitness needs. The stability and stiffness of the platform allows you to concentrate on your exercise routine. All our O'Shea iSups come complete with large Pro Backpack, three piece alloy paddle, pump, fins, leash and a repair kit! 10’6” x 34.5” x 6” 320ltr

O'Shea 10'6 QSx Inflatable SUP 2022

The 2022 O'Shea 10'6 QSx inflatable SUP is a true family favourite, both floaty and stable. The best value O’Shea board available. Recommended rider weight up to 120kg.

O'Shea HDx 11'2" GT Inflatable SUP

The GT HDx provides an excellent entry into the wonderful world of touring and downwind adventures, being equally suited for both intermediate to experienced paddlers or for those starting out, but who possess an adventurous outlook.