O'Shea I SUP HDx Yoga Fit Paddle Board 2021 - 10'6"

Manufacturer: O'Shea
These inflatable SUP's are designed specifically for your yoga and fitness needs. The stability and stiffness of the platform allows you to concentrate on your exercise routine. All our O'Shea iSups come complete with large Pro Backpack, three piece alloy paddle, pump, fins, leash and a repair kit! 10’6” x 34.5” x 6” 320ltr
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The O’Shea YOGAFIT Inflatable SUP

Our Ultra Stable Yoga and Fitness specific iSUP design ensure a stiffer platform allowing you to fully concentrate on your exercise routine.

Suitable for all abilities of Yogi, for the super bendy or not so flexible!
The stiffness of the board is due to our HDx construction, which uses the highest quality Mirasol drop stitch fabric, combining 2 full layers (double wall) of UV resistant 1000D PVC, ensures a combination of maximum durability and performance.

Yellow top and bottom ensures both colour integrity and high visibility – be SEEN, be SAFE on pond, lake or ocean. One of the most popular SUPS on the market today.


+ Super Wide & Extra Thickness For Enhanced Stability
+ HDx Performance Characteristics and Durability
+ Reinforced Tow and Leash Eye
+ O’Shea HP2 Power Pump
+ RMS-Removable Fin System
+ Original H3 Valve
+ Highly Durable Die Cut Crocodile Grip Deck Pad
+ Spacious O’Shea Pro Backpack
+ CAD Design Farrel O’Shea
+ Tested & Approved By O’Shea Ambassador, Alice Marshall

Board Spec:

10’6’’x 34.5” x 6”
Volume: 320ltr
Recommended Rider Weight: Up To 125kg

O’Shea Inflatable Paddleboards are supplied complete with…

+ O’Shea board bag which can carry the board as a backpack, made from highly durable 600D recycled nylon
+ 3 piece Hybrid Carbon Paddle – fully adjustable
+ O’Shea HP2 Double Action Power Pump
+ US Box Fin
+ Leash

This board is constructed using Premium HDx

Building on our legacy of quality and durability, we have strived to improve our “Go To” Highly Durable series. We have pressure bonded the twin skin, resulting in less excess adhesive, ie reduced weight but also improved surface finish – the wrinkled surface now a thing of the past.

The benefits of this construction include:

+ High Durability
+ Stiffer in all directions
+ Shape integrity long term
+ Pro surface finish
+ Enhanced glide when breezy

Your Paddle

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Upgrading your paddle could mean, in a couple of strokes your riding a wave instead of wasting all your energy with five or six strokes to pick up the same old wave! As for distance, the bend and flex in an alloy paddle with a plastic blade means that a good percentage of your effort is wasted - And if you're like us, we hate wasting energy! So by upgrading your paddle - you'll be flying from A to B where ever that may be in the fastest possible time! But remember if its good old family fun, our Alloy Paddles hit the nail on the head and are perfectly suited!

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