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Surfboard Repair

Surfboard Ding Repair Kits for your broken board from Ding-All, Big Swell, Solarez

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Solarez Epoxy Pro Travel Kit

Everything you need for a professional SUP or Surfboard repair.

Solarez Mini Travel Kit - Polyester

This kit contains polyester resin, you cannot use this kit to repair an epoxy board.

Solarez Polyester Pro Travel Kit

The new Solarez Polyester Pro Travel Kit is ideal for all your surf travel adventures. The kit comes with all you need for a professional repair so you can get back out there and enjoy the ocean.

FCS Ratchet Tool

All you need for your everyday surfboard maintenance.
£9.99 £16.99

Solarez Epoxy Ding Repair

Solarez 2oz Epoxy Fiberfill Surfboard Ding Repair Kit (EPS safe)

Solarez Polyester Ding Repair

Formulated especially for PU surfboard repair.