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All surfing hardware topics here. Boards, leashes, racks, wetsuits, boardies, surfgear, ding repair, wetsuit repair, surf wax...... you get the idea

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Sola Soft board

If you want premium, without the price tag then you're onto a winner with these Sola Softboards. Perfect for kids and beginners or for those who only surf once in a while.

FCS II Christenson Keel PG Black Fins

The Christenson Twin Keel set takes on the retro template of the original twin fin.

FCS II CI Keel PG Twin Fins - Large

Designed by Al Merrick for the Fish Board model.

FCS II CI PC Tri Fins - Medium

A collaboration with Channel Islands Surfboards, the CI Upright is designed for speed and tight turns.

FCS II Jeremy Flores PC Black/White Tri Fins - Large

With a focus on power and a more connected approach, Jeremy's new large signature template lends DNA from multiple fins.

FCS II Julian Wilson PC Black/White Tri Fins - Medium

Focus on speed and projection with Julian Wilsons new fin, constructed with FCS's ultralight Aircore technology.

FCS II Machado Quad PG Retail Fins

The Machado quad set up provides the flow of a traditional twin fish with the control of a performance quad.

FCS II Reactor Neo Glass Charcoal Gradient Tri Fins - Medium

Thruster set for speed ​and tight turns, ideal for beach breaks.

FCS Comp Classic 6ft Leash | Black

Your go to FCS leash for waves up to 4ft

FCS Freedom Leash 6ft

Featuring a revolutionary new cord, lighter and stronger than any other performance cord. Specifically designed for wave heights under 5ft.

FCS II Accelerator Neo Glass Tang Gradient Tri Fins

The FCS II Accelerator suits wide range of conditions, particularly good in critical overhead waves. Size Medium (approximate rider weight 65-80 Kg) Size Large (approximate rider weight 75-90kg)

FCS II Carver Neo Glass Acid Gradient Tri Fins

This fin has an elongated template for executing long arcing turns and an extended sweep angle that provides excellent control off the bottom and when carving the face.


Step it up with Christensons new longboard fin, the 9.5" is perfect for your everyday log.

FCS II Performer Neo Glass Teal Gradient Quad Fins - Medium

FCS II Performer Quad Neo Glass Gradient Surfboard Fins Medium (4 fin set) Medium (65Kg - 80 Kg / 145 - 175 Lbs) 2019 Gradient colourway FCS II Keyless Plug system fins - will not fit the FCS original 2 tab plugs.

FCS II Performer Neo Glass Tri Fins - Teal Gradient

This is a really reliable all-round fin set, suitable for a wide range of styles and abilities Size Medium (approximate rider weight 65-80 Kg) Size Large (approximate rider weight 75-90kg)


Balance of speed, flow and response. Suitable for all conditions.

Sex Wax - Cold to Cool

Mr Zogs Quick Humps Surf Wax - Cold to Cool

Sex Wax - Cool to Mid Warm

Sex Wax Mr Zogs Quick Humps Warm Surf Wax Cool Mid

Sex Wax - Tropic

Mr Zogs Quick Humps Surf Wax - Basecoat - Tropical

Sex Wax - Warm

Mr Zogs Quick Humps Surf Wax - Warm

Shaka 8'0" Soft Top Surfboard

This fun board will have you gliding in no time. Comes in a stylish Shaka design and is supplied with removable fins and a 8’ leash.

Solarez Epoxy Pro Travel Kit

Everything you need for a professional SUP or Surfboard repair.

Solarez Mini Travel Kit - Polyester

This kit contains polyester resin, you cannot use this kit to repair an epoxy board.

Solarez Polyester Pro Travel Kit

The new Solarez Polyester Pro Travel Kit is ideal for all your surf travel adventures. The kit comes with all you need for a professional repair so you can get back out there and enjoy the ocean.

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