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Beginner Surfboards

We're all about getting people out on the waves and so we've carefully selected the best beginner surfboards from our brands for you to learn on. The key thing to remember is that if you get a more sophisticated board when you're just beginning, you may find it hard to learn on and get frustrated with your lack of progress. These boards are generally longer; so they are more stable to balance upon and are more buoyant. Both of these features are of immeasurable value when learning to surf. Even though they're perfect for learners, any of these beginner surfboards can be the key to an awesome afternoon of fun on the water for the more experienced surfer as their shape and size makes them perfect for riding the smaller waves we often get on the British coast.

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Sola Soft board

If you want premium, without the price tag then you're onto a winner with these Sola Softboards. Perfect for kids and beginners or for those who only surf once in a while.

Shaka 8'0" Soft Top Surfboard

This fun board will have you gliding in no time. Comes in a stylish Shaka design and is supplied with removable fins and a 8’ leash.