Torq Mod Fun surfboard 7ft 6 - Red/Pinline/White Deck

Manufacturer: Torq
The Swiss army knife of the Torq quiver, the Mod Fun can do it all and will work for a wide range of abilities and sizes.
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  • NameThe Torq Mod Fun surfboard 7ft 6
  • AbilityNovice/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Volume52.4 litres
  • Rider50-100kgs / 110-220lbs
  • ConditionsAnything from waist to over head high waves
  • ConstructionEPS foam core with Fibreglass and Epoxy resin
  • Dimensions7ft 6 x 21.5 x 2.875
  • Fin SystemFutures Thruster
  • Fins IncludedFutures Thruster Set
  • ColourRed/Pinline/White Deck


A big favourite at Boardshop, the Torq Mod Fun surfboard 7ft 6 in this stunning new Red/Pinline White deck colour.

A basic requirement for a beginner surfboard is that it should be long enough, wide enough and buoyant enough to allow the rider to paddle and catch waves, and be stable when popping to your feet from the prone position. The Torq Mod Fun is also ideal for the intermediate surfer looking for a well made and durable surfboard but without the daunting price tag and fragility of a top-end PU fibreglass surfboard. Experienced guys returning to the waves after a long break have also chosen the Torq Mod Fun for its performance shape, build quality and value.

Torq Surfboards are constructed using the most up-to-date Epoxy Technology, using the latest EPS Epoxy Materials. The lightweight EPS Core is combined with Biaxial fibreglass cloth, Epoxy resin and Torq's unique Shield Skin. Constructed in the most advanced mould on the planet, creating the most perfect production every time.

This perfect blend of advanced materials and high-tech construction results in a surfboard that performs at the very highest level, offering lightweight shapes with a responsive flex (absent on some lower priced Epoxy boards) but also makes for a really durable and strong board.

We've had nothing but positive feedback from our customers, so get on board a Torq, you'll love it