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If you've been riding for a while and want to step up to the next level then a shortboard surfboard is for you. They are boards are designed for speed, agility and fun and will give you an incredible ride in the right conditions. They require a steeper, faster wave than their longer brothers but the payoff for having to wait for the perfect one to come along is well worth it. Their shape, size and weight means that they trade buoyancy and ease of use for speed and manoeuvrability so are generally not suited for those who are starting out on their surfing life as they will be very difficult to learn on.

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Torq Tec Hybrid

This is a true one-board quiver. Up front, you have a fish' like nose – wide through the 12Ē mark with an easy entry rocker and single concave. From the mid-point back, the template narrows in a long curve into a rounded pin tail with a little more rocker under the back foot and a double concave to vee behind the fins.

Torq Tec Fish 5'10

TECH FISH ALL ABOUT SPEED AND FLOW. In keeping with the original Fish design, this is by far the fastest board in the TEC line. The Fish makes surfing down-the-line waves an effortless thrill ride – highline speed and wide-eyed grins. We have re-worked the design a little with a modern tweak so you can keep all that speed under control with fluid direction changes and smooth rail to rail flow.