Torq Mod Fish surfboard 6ft 3 - Navy Blue/Pinline/White Deck

Manufacturer: Torq
The Mod Fish would be the ideal first proper shortboard for a teen or larger kid looking to move on from the surf-school foamy.
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  • NameThe Torq 6ft 3 Fish
  • AbilityNovice Kid/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Volume36 litres
  • RiderFrom 45-75 kg
  • ConditionsAnything from knee to over head high waves
  • ConstructionEPS foam core with Fibreglass and Epoxy resin
  • Dimensions6ft 3 x 20.5 x 2.5
  • Fins includedFutures F6 template 3 fin set
  • ColourNavy Blue/Pinline/White Deck


The Torq Mod Fish 6ft 3 surfboard in a beautiful new Navy and White spray

  • The Torq Mod Fish is a very versatile surfboard. The kids can have great fun catching heaps of waves and really start to progress and the competent mum or dad can grab it, paddle out and chuck it around in anything up to head-high waves. Torq surfboards offer great value for money and are way more durable than your standard PU fibreglass surfboard.

    The modern day 'fish' design is built for speed. The Torq Fish comes into its own on those chest to overhead days, it loves hollow, glassy days, and enjoys the mushy, sloppy and less than perfect conditions too. The perfect blend of a low rocker, a full nose and wide mid-point, with clean well balanced curves that blend into a traditional swallow tail. The bottom contour features a single to double concave with a lightly flipped nose. The 6ft 3 Fish is supplied with a Futures F6 3 Fin set, and the 5 fin slots allow you to fine tune with a thruster or quad option.

    Torq Surfboards are constructed using the most up-to-date Epoxy Technology, using the latest EPS Epoxy Materials. The lightweight EPS Core is combined with Biaxial fibreglass cloth, Epoxy resin and Torq's unique Shield Skin. Constructed in the most advanced mould on the planet, creating the most perfect production every time.

    This unique combination of advanced materials and high-tech construction produces a board that performs at the very highest level, offering lightweight shapes with a responsive flex (missing on some cheaper Epoxy boards) but also makes for a really durable and strong surfboard. Your new Torq surfboard will keep you stoked from your first wave to your last. Enjoy!